Bringing back the magic of Pachisi style roll and move, combining luck and strategy, for a game that is easy, quick, and FUN to play!

  • Fun for almost any age (Ideal for ages 6 and up)
  • 2-3 Players (Great for "end of the table" gaming)
  • Quick to play (only 20 - 30 minutes per game)
  • Quick to learn (Instructions printed on the board, no manuals required)
  • Competitive and Balanced (rarely a lop-sided win)
  • Educational (Promotes math and comparitive analysis skills)
  • Luck and Strategy (Develop your own winning method)
  • Play Again and Again Fun (Quick to learn, challenging to master)


The first player to get all of their pawns to their finish space wins the game!

Players roll the dice and move their pawns around the triangle playing field following the directional arrows. Sounds easy enough (and it is), but the real fun of Give & Take comes with the use of the chips.

Different consequences occur based on the color of a pawns landing space. Landing on one’s own color is safe, but landing on another player’s color means paying three chips in “rent" (or moving backwards if you can't afford to pay). Other spaces may earn a “tax” from each opponent, chips from the bank, or even the ability to move another player’s pawn backward, sometimes causing chain reactions.

These chips may initially seem like points, but instead, the chips are used to buy special actions, such as splitting the dice roll to move two pawns, buying an extra turn, forcing a player to skip a turn, swapping positions on the board, or even moving an opponents pawn back to their Start.

Players may spend their chips more quickly and inexpensively to benefit from key positions on the board, or players can save up their chips to use for more expensive advantageous moves.

Give & Take offers novel strategy and “purchasing” mechanics that will draw in both kids and adults. It's simple, fun, and exciting.

You'll want to play again and again!

"The balance of skill and luck in Give and Take makes it a blast to play."

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